1st VMAP User Meeting

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A Success Story

The event witnessed a plethora of  presentations associated with the simulation and standardization world. The professionals from various walks of industry came together to discuss, exchange ideas and work towards the development of the VMAP Standard.

Industrial Standard for Data Transfer

Transfer of material and design data along the virtual manufacturing chain is the essence for data driven design process. This is now a key to many of the digitalization projects running across various industrial domains, many of which are now associated with VMAP Standards Community.
The first VMAP User Meeting brought together the various R&D&I projects which are using and extending the VMAP standard. There are many fields of engineering which are trying to incorporate VMAP standard, and the user meeting was a first get-together to know and understand the needs and requirements from various domains.
The event was attended by invite engineers, researchers, developers, closely working with the VMAP standard, VMAP SC and working group members and ITEA representatives & PAs, who shared their projects and ideas for VMAP standard & VMAP SC. We saw contributions from various domains and multiple use cases showcasing the current limitation and expected benefits from the standard, software solutions and code adaptations and other standardization activities in the relevant domains. Some presentations also focussed on the ongoing developments including but not limited to sensor data storage, full model storage, material data transfer in additive manufacturing processes. The association members also discussed ideas for new R&D&I projects and extension of the standard in further application areas.
The goal of this meeting was to identify the new areas and requirements for VMAP and jointly agree on the course of further development of the standard. This event was the first public event after the establishment of the VMAP SC as a not-for-profit association and marked the beginning of many such events to come.
If you are interested in joining the VMAP Standards Community, please contact the chairperson, Klaus Wolf, at klaus.wolf@vmap-standard.org

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Become a Member

Learn how to join our community of engineering and scientific professionals. We are a community largely formed by engineers from mechanical and computational engineering domains.

Who is the VMAP standard aimed at?
You work as an employee or freelancer in the field of mechanical engineering or the integration of CAx tools. If you have a lot to do with the exchange of data between different tools in the field of virtual development and physical measurement, then you can benefit from the VMAP standard. Instead of having to work with many native data formats, the VMAP standard allows them to solve IO problems much more easily using a single open data format.

Who can join?
If you think, you can benefit from the VMAP Standard and contribute to the development & extension of the VMAP Standard, then we would be happy to hear from you. The VMAP SC is open to any institution from industry, software-domain, and academia as well as for natural persons.

How can I become a member?
Applications for Membership should be submitted in writing to the VMAP SC Board. The application of a legal person should state the name of the natural person designated to represent the applicant. The Association should be informed of any subsequent change in the power of representation. The short letter of intent should be written on the company (in this case applicant) letterhead. The VMAP SC will process your request promptly and will then be able to offer you membership.

What are my benefits?
Members of the VMAP SC can actively influence the long-term strategy and technical development of the standard at an early stage. Current developments, ongoing R&D projects and new extension approaches for the standard are presented, discussed, and finally voted on at the quarterly plenary meetings.

What’s expected of me?
Members of the VMAP SC are invited to quarterly plenary meetings. Technical documents (specifications, implementations, applications) are distributed before and after these meetings - members are asked to evaluate these documents and then contribute their constructive opinions at the meetings. Members are of course also invited to actively participate in individual working groups to help shape the standard and its extensions.