Open innovation platform for optimising production systems by combining product development, virtual engineering workflows and production data.

Project Goals

PIONEER aims to develop and implement an interoperable Materials-Modelling-Manufacturing Ecosystem. The project intends to enable multi-directional data-flow throughout the material value chain by connecting the production’s various stages. Combining a design-by-simulation approach with manufacturing and quality data, PIONEER will optimize product development strategies in high-mix/low-volume production schemes.

VMAP Related Developments

The project will consider extensions of the VMAP Standard to store simulation data and testing data in the domain of additive manufactuinrg of large beams and automotive components, including sensor data.

Project Time Schedule

January 2023 - December 2025

Project Partners

Pioneer Project Partners


The Project is being funded under the 'HORIZON.2.4 - Digital, Industry and Space' Call. The grant agreement ID for the project is 101091449.

External Links

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