VMAP Analytics

Smart Analytics for Multi-Scale Material and Manufacturing Modelling.

Project Goals

The vision of VMAP analytics is to enable the realisation of smart Digital Twins for materials and manufacturing design tasks. The VMAP analytics interface standard is an extension of current standard that will accommodate multi-scale models, sensor and measurement data, and information from production machines. VMAP analytics will provide an open ontology for engineering processes in materials and manufacturing design. Both together – interface standard and open ontology – will enable broad use of semantic search and artificial intelligence methods in these classical engineering disciplines.

VMAP Related Developments

The approach of VMAP analytics is to extend the current VMAP Standard stepwise. The VMAP analytics standard will introduce new domain levels. Software tools and machines supporting interface standard will provide data for (company internal) Digital Twins. In combination with the open ontology framework, a broad set of analytics and ML/AI solutions can be applied to these data as industrial use cases – and will lead to higher product quality and more efficient manufacturing processes.

Project Time Schedule

December 2020 – November 2023

Project Partners

VMAP Analytics Partners


The German part is being carried out by Fraunhofer SCAI as self-funded partner.
For the Swedish part, Jernkontoret's TO60 will act as the project's Industry Advisory Board. Vinnova funds the project through the Eureka cluster program ITEA.

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